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Mekkoh Release Their Kooky First Music Video

Sep 06, 02:32pm

The video for “Mekkuri” has serious throwback vibes
 Photo Courtesy: Mekkoh

The rise of lo-fi music and the vaporwave movement brought with it a parallel exploration into old-school video aesthetics; a throwback to a time when Comic Sans was unironically a good font and video editing tools were hilariously basic. Nostalgia is pretty awesome, so this style of making art has undergone a revival of sorts in recent years. The New Delhi-based three-piece Mekkoh have fully embraced this in the music video for their single ‘Mekkuri’, and it makes sense to boot; the visuals are a direct complement to the wavy, post-disco sound.
The song itself is punchy and low-tempo, but the band does not let it fall into monotony; there are subtle touches and textures that keep it relatively interesting throughout its four-minute runtime. The rumbling synth bass and bits of extra percussions support the kick pretty nicely, and the melodic duties are left to the guitars and another wailing synth. It’s great to see Mekkoh choosing not to oversaturate their music with a disparate bunch of elements and be minimal; it allows for there to be a lot of open space in the background instrumentation. The repetitive guitar melody has a muted reverb-y tone that is reminiscent of a classic Nicolas Jaar tune. Of course, all this is supplemented by some decidedly old-school beeps and whirrs; the sound of a dial-up internet connection starts the track off, in fact. The video is very much in the same vein, with what looks like a Netscape window in the beginning. Anyone remember Netscape? That’s some real nostalgia.



In fact, all the elements of crusty Newgrounds or (old) Youtube videos are in attendance over the course of the track. Weird custom cursors, frankly horrendous video duplication effects (having 3 of one band member dancing with some really weird photo filter on is equally weird and hilarious at the same time) and odd visualizations in the background; this video is a 90s kid’s dream. However, it is not pretentious for pretentiousness’ sake, and that’s what makes it fun. ‘Mekkuri’ is tongue-in-cheek and old-school cool at the same time; making fun of the past while embracing it. Groovy!


Watch the music video of "Mekkuri" below:



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