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Voctronica Will Open For Jacob Collier Show In Mumbai

Sep 11, 03:03pm

Catch Voctronica live as support act for the multi-instrumentalist Grammy Winning artist Jacob Collier.
 Photo Courtesy: Mixtape

All vocal ensemble and acapella frontrunners, Voctronica will now be the support act for the Jacob Collier’s debut show in Mumbai on Sep 18.

Voctronica has just returned from Japan after having bagged the Silver award at The Asian Cup A Cappella competition considered to be one of the biggest in the world.The band was selected as one of 8 acts to participate from around Asia competing against bands from Philippines, China, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. 



Earlier in May the band was invited, again as the only act from India, to perform at the Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival that hosted 195 vocal acts from around the world.

It is not surprising that the promoters decided to add this unique all voice ensemble to this most anticpated show this season.



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Watch a video of Voctronica below:


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