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A New Song Inspired By Loneliness During Corona Lockdown

May 15, 04:01pm

Rohan Solomon drops a new song inspired by loneliness during Corona lockdown
 Photo Courtesy: Rohan Solomon

Rohan Solomon is a well known artist from his days as singer and songwriter of Delhi based alt-rock band Cyanide. In the recent years, Rohan moved to New York and extended his skills further as audio-engineer landing himself as part of a Grammy Award winning track called "Bubblin" by Anderson Paak, in the capacity of an assistant engineer..

Solomon has released a new song, “Keep Holding On” inspired by loneliness during Corona lockdown. The song features people from 20 different cities, across 9 countries along with artistes such as Chezin (Gurgaon, India), Sasha Prendes (New York, USA) and TikTok sensation of trio The Heichel Sisters (Ohio, USA) among others. 


“It’s about people from different parts of the world coming together and singing together through the digital medium, putting forth a united front saying we'll beat this and triumph together”

- Rohan Solomon



Keep Holding On addresses the feelings of exasperation, depression, anxiousness that every one of us is going through but the track is essentially about unity and hope. Watch the music video below.





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