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Speaking To A Rapper Named Vish

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Here’s a nice story about music for a change.


Reality shows about music are a bit odd because of the idea of ‘suspension of disbelief’, and this is also why they work as well as they do. Are these stories true? Are they manufactured? This sort of doubt is exactly why when a genuinely wholesome story does turn up, it’s fulfilling in a very real sense.

One of these regards Vish, a rapper from Sikkim currently on MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT. He happens to have a speech impediment (and hopefully we have stopped harping on this as an empathetic society), but it completely disappears when he starts rapping. There couldn’t be a better advertisement for the power music has to change a person, so we decided to get to know him better. Turns out he’s both nice and talented, and of course, that comes from the inside.


What was the music scene like where you grew up (and when you grew up)?

I am from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. Gangtok is also known as the most fashionable city carrying Western culture in a good way, like dress up, behaviour, music, dance, beatbox, graffiti art, skateboarding and so on, but the only thing missing was support and opportunities. You will find 80% of artists doing great work without any support. When I was growing up, the Hip Hop scene wasn’t that good but now it’s growing gradually as many artists like me are representing the community on national platforms.  That's why I took a stand to create a vibrant Desi hip-hop scene in the Northeast, especially in Sikkim. I want to see hip-hop thrive here as well. Even though I learned more about the rap scene through MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT, I aim to convey what I've learned here to my people.


Do you have a history of listening to or performing music in your family?

So in my family, everyone is supportive, especially my brother, he was the first person to introduce music to the family. He used to play hip-hop music when we were younger, and he used to ask me to sing along with the songs. That is when I realized I don't stammer while singing. Then we started spending all our days listening to hip-hop together and eventually, I started writing too. From that day till now I got into music very deeply, physically mentally and emotionally.


What drew you to hip-hop initially?

Hip-hop healed me, as an introvert I used to feel very uncomfortable amongst people because of my stammering problem. I used to think how people will react when I speak up, and I was facing this for 18 years, but somehow music held me as God and showed me a way to answer all the questions, and that's what I am doing now. If I want to show my rage, I speak up Gangsta music, if I need self-motivation I speak up Dark RnB music, if I feel happy I perform dancehall music, so overall music is my key to being extrovert and happy.


How did you get on Hustle, and what was the audition process like?

I got a call from MTV Hustle 03's team, they asked me for two videos of me performing live and I got short listed for on-ground audition which was held in Kolkata after that I got a call from the creative team for boot camp in Mumbai. That’s how I landed on MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT.



In what way do you think music allows you to express yourself, in the sense of honesty and so on?

Music allows me to express things that I can't express while talking. It's my way of interacting with people and music also allows me to represent my feelings and thoughts with honesty, without any filter and fear of people.


Who are your major influences?

My elder brother, as he was the one who introduced me to music and made me what I am today.


What can we expect next from you in terms of releasing and performing music?

I am looking to perform more rap songs in front of audience, not sure of anything now but I can confirm that it will be a roller coaster ride ahead full of emotions.


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