• Thu, Jun 13, 2024
About Us


Entertainment Media Services occupies a unique space in India’s independent music scene. With a host of pioneering efforts and creative solutions that have, over the years, left indelible footprints across the ‘indie’ landscape, EMS is the leading enabler and creative force in independent music.

Concerts Norway and EMS have shared a mutually co-operative relationship for 11 years now. This involves sharing of artists across common platforms as well as developmental work in the independent music scene. 


Rock Street Journal is India’s first independent music magazine. Published since 1993, it has heralded the independent music movement in India and thus, enjoys the rabid following of a loyal audience. It is the preferred cultural disseminator for opinion and trends in independent music and has been a part of every counter-culture music lover’s tryst with such a scene.

Breaking Boundaries is a compilation CD that is distributed free with the magazine and features exciting talent from India and across the world. From metal and rock to drum ‘n bass and guitar-only compilations, the Breaking Boundaries CD dabbles in different kinds of sounds, making it a collector’s item.

The Breaking Boundaries CDs have hosted the likes of Torch besides artists such as Freak Kitchen, American Dollar, Infected Mushroom, Noisia and Jeff Lang.


Since its inception in 1997, RSJ events has successfully conceptualized and created platforms for independent music across the country. Many of these properties have been, and continue to remain cornerstones in the independent music scenario. From open air extravaganzas to club festivals, RSJ events has provided creative and insightful ways of working with artists, promoters and brands to create relevant properties and exhilarating experiences.  

Great Indian Rock

The Great Indian Rock Festival is the Mecca for rock and metal fans in India. The first platform to encourage original music in India, GIR is an iconic showcase of some of India’s finest rock and metal bands. Having featured the likes of John Myung, Jonas Hellborg and Meshuggah, GIR is a brand that has become synonymous with independent music as a whole. Since 2006, several Norwegian rock- and metal bands have performed/headlines at the festival and they include the likes of Satyricon, Purified in Blood, Enslaved, Benea Reach and El Caco.

GIR has also been a partner in exchange with Inferno festival whereby Indian metal bands like Bhayanak Maut, Scribe and Undying Inc. have played at the Inferno festival.

India Music Week

With over 50 artists, 40 events and a four-city simultaneous presence, India Music Week is a club-festival like no other. A melting pot of sounds, ideas and possibilities, IMW is a coveted platform for some of the most exciting new acts from the country and the SAARC region. Having provided a launchpad for many Indian artists who have subsequently toured and gigged abroad, the festival attracts organisers, music industry professionals and talent buyers from across Europe and South East Asia.

A 2-day music conference, supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi, a is at the center of the festival. This conference aims at providing a much needed platform for musicians in India and their support structures to engage in conversation and to help build on their knowledge base. It also aims to provide networking opportunities with music professionals from India and the world.

 Jazz Utsav

Jazz Utsav has been India’s premier jazz festival since the 1980s. RSJ were the sole managers/promoters of the same from 2005-2010. During these years, the festival saw unprecedented success with packed auditoriums and shows that were booked out. During this tenure the festival has featured Norwegian artists such as Kirsti Huke Quartet, Nils Olav Johansen Quartet, Mari Kvien Brunvol and Gumbo.

Tour management

From hooking up certified light and sound vendors, to mapping out a gig-circuit that covers big cities as well as smaller towns with emerging audiences, RSJ events provides local as well as international bands with the complete tour experience. The likes of Torch, Purified in Blood and Autolaser have, in the recent past, have notched up a string of shows across the country.