• Sat, Jul 20, 2024

Them Clones Returns (In A Sense)

The now legendary rock band is playing one show this Friday

interviews Mar 13, 2024

By Madhusudan Raman  

Mrinalini Sen On Being Part Of The Art Team For Shakti's Grammy-Winning Album (And More)

And much more.

interviews Mar 02, 2024

By Madhusudan Raman  

The (Actually Potentially Useful) Deccan Alternative Music Conference Kicks Off This Week

The wide-ranging conference is a legitimately coherent effort to give this kind of event real meaning

features Feb 07, 2024

By Madhusudan Raman  

2024: On The Nature Of Opinion (Or The Fundamentally Broken Concept Of Objective Music Journalism)

Let’s start with a much-needed discussion on why we, and you, are functioning parts of Indian indie.

columns Jan 12, 2024

By Madhusudan Raman  

Great Songs/Singles 2023: Part 2

List number four…

columns Dec 29, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman  

Great Songs/Singles 2023: Part 1

List number three!

columns Dec 27, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman  

Through The Cracks: 9 Honorable Mentions 2023

List number two.

columns Dec 26, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman  

10 Great Albums/EPs That Came Out In 2023

List number one!

columns Dec 25, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman  

Speaking To A Rapper Named Vish

Here’s a nice story about music for a change.

interviews Dec 08, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman  

Queendom Talk Music, Performing Live, Their Sound And More

The duo played a set at the Zomaland festival in Pune earlier this month

interviews Nov 17, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman  

Interview With Aditya Veera Of The 'Stalwarts Of Music' Podcast

interviews Sep 06, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman  

How A WhatsApp Group Became The Town Square Of Indian Indie

The ‘Some Good Gigs’ story

features Jul 08, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman