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A Reminiscing Tribute: Mali's New Single Features Her Inspiration

Apr 30, 05:26pm

Mali releases her first single of the year - Play.

Is it just me or have the singer-songwriters really raised the bar (in all aspects) in the last 12 months? From Dhruv Visvanath's concept album to Samar Mehdi's Reinterpretations, the studio efforts incline towards sonic precision and the emphasis on music video seems to grow with every passing day. Joining the effort is Mali.


Maalavika Manoj (or Mali), the Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, released her first single of the year as a tribute to her grandfather - her spiritual guide and first musical inspiration. Titled 'Play', the video begins with the musician on her journey back to the memories and the physical spots that defined her childhood moments with her grandfather. MC Rammohan, the subject of Mali's composition, became the musician's guide early in her life through his social engagements that would usually involve entertaining the crowd (usually Mali's family and friends) with his harmonica.


A self-taught musician himself, Rammohan also lent his efforts through harmonica in Mali's single. Shot in Kannur, Kerala, the video - shot by Krish Makhija and Tejas Menon - takes the viewer to the same spots where it all began for Mali's grandfather's passion for music, and the subsequent influence on the granddaughter. Watch the video here -


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