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Ahmedabad's Lotus Flower Has One Of This Year's Most Atmospheric Singles

May 15, 06:03pm

‘The Wind Will Blow Me Away’ is a must-listen

Shriraj Sagara (currently studying in Berlin) makes music under the name ‘Lotus Flower’. He hasn’t been in the release game for long; this single ‘The Wind Will Blow Me Away’ is only his second. But listening to it, you would never suspect that, because this is a highly well-made and produced piece of music that has vibes for days and the maturity of an artist that has been putting out material for far longer.

It’s all about painting a mental picture with this one, and it seems like the artist knows that. The production choices reflect this too; the priority is very much mood and evocative-ness over clarity and direct-ness. Shriraj’s vocals sound like they’re far away and wistful, and they’re drenched in plenty of reverb. This is supported by indie rock instrumentation like woolly or boxy drums, a very Hofner-y bass (that rounded, pronounced sound) and an acoustic guitar that is barely audible; however, all these elements combined take as much space in your ears as the layers of ambience that give the song its feel.

There are synths, there is swirling noise throughout, there’s that very specific frequency that gives the aural impression of gusts hitting cliffs, and more. This, then, is what gives ‘The Wind Will Blow Me Away’ its sense of cinema and drama, which it does with great success. Sure, there are some nebulous lyrics about loneliness and loss, and you will find many a melody to hum along to, but Lotus Flower has written this single as something that is way more easily ‘felt’ than ‘listened to’.


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