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An (im)perfect Solo Debut: My Imperfections by Prithviraj Jadhav

Oct 19, 10:27am

Five strings, an old guitar, and questions to chew on

24-year-old Pune-based singer-songwriter Prithviraj Jadhav spent years performing live as the frontman in rock acts Jodav and Sly Verity. He started writing songs for a solo project as an outlet for his more difficult emotions. A blues rock guitarist, his more lyric-centered songwriting celebrates his influences like Jack White and Neil Young, among others.

The story behind his debut single is the ultimate embodiment of the song’s message. “Prithviraj looked at his old acoustic guitar which hadn't been played in six years, rusted and falling to pieces. He attempted to fix it to the best of his ability. Realizing that it would never be able to have all six strings again and that it was unplayable on the higher frets, he embraced it for what it was, an imperfect instrument that he was attached to. Just hours into playing it, he wrote ‘My Imperfections.’ Everything about the song has flaws, and yet, that is what makes it work.”

The single delves into the concept of what is judged imperfect/perfect, and why we allow these ideas to hold so much power. The song does a great job sonically of reflecting its message with string noises, scratches, playing a little loose with the timing in places, and the occasional fret noise. And it is these very “imperfections” that make this a great debut single, because while the production comes off sounding very rough (which is intentional, the track was recorded literally in a closet), it is an engaging listening experience with simple vocal harmonies, a very hummable melody, and enjoyable guitar sections.

‘My Imperfections’ is a breath of fresh air at a time when everything is excessively produced and clinically sterilized (at times, ironically, to sound raw or imperfect) before being released. The whole process behind this song hammers home the point that one doesn’t need an elaborate setup to spread some good music around; because Prithviraj Jadhav’s done it with a five-stringed broken old guitar, a banian for a pop filter and a closet for a recording environment.


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