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Anubha Kaul And Aman Jagwani Return With The Fantastic 'Rearview'

Feb 05, 02:51pm

As you'd expect, listeners, they've done this properly.
 Photo Courtesy: Keenan Pereira

Anubha Kaul’s musical sensibilities and thirst for experimentation are plain to hear throughout her discography. The singer-songwriter, who cites influences from a diverse range of genres like pop and contemporary jazz, has released multiple singles and two full-length features in the past two years. She is back with another single, ‘Rearview’; teaming up with music producer, drummer and audio programmer Aman Jagwani, whose production chops reflect in their previous collaborative album This Place. And if it was not evident already, the duo’s musical chemistry is remarkable, and this new single only confirms that further.

Kaul again proves her talents as a seasoned vocalist as this groovy, effervescent electro-pop number entrances you into its hypnotic soundscape polished by Jagwani’s excellence in production and sound design. Featuring buoyant basslines and drum beats, sparkling synths, Kaul’s sultry vocals, ethereal vocal harmonies, and glitchy post-production elements, ‘Rearview’ makes you want to bop along to its lively instrumentation although the lyrics speak of a rather painful ordeal. One might find Kaul’s delivery confessional as she croons about being stuck in a toxic cycle with things not meant for her. But it seems like she approaches the subject with a level of maturity that reflects in her songwriting. She involves her listeners in that feeling – one that may be relatable to many. Jagwani’s overall production of the track complements her vocals in a way that screams both classy and catchy. And together, they have created a piece that illuminate their positions as two prolific musicians to emerge out of the country’s music scene. It’s time for them to hit the big-time, one would think. Rightly.


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