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Avyay And Perp Go Well Together On Their Delightful Single 'Bottom Of The Sea'

Nov 10, 05:57pm

Vibes for days and days

Perp (Urmila Sivadas) and Avyay Gujral have been doing ‘the music thing’ for quite some time now, actually. Perp started out when young, and Avyay has been working with artists for years now. So, when they combine their talents on a collaborative release, one should expect quality writing and good production. Both of these are very much present on ‘Bottom Of The Sea’, a lush and engaging bit of mellow pop. But technique isn’t everything; a song with good execution can be almost comically boring without strong ideas. Luckily, this song has those.

This is an easygoing indie-pop song that’s a combination of broadly the following elements:

  • Clean surf rock guitars
  • Simple drum and bass grooves
  • Laid-back vocals that are comfortably in the middle of both artists’ ranges
  • Chill verses and chill-er choruses

All these things are done with proficiency. There are layers of keys and synths that fill some space in the mix (keen-eared listeners might even pick out a bit of organ in there). Both Perp and Avyay have smooth voices, so when they sing together on the song’s hooks, it sounds like a cohesive whole. The bridge on the song is a trippy but very simple progression, setting up the refrain that closes it out with some gang vocals in the outro. ‘Bottom Of The Sea’ isn’t an energetic, arena-size hit in the sense that it doesn’t invite you to sing along or dance. It’s more of a relaxed, vibe-y tune that you can throw on during a busy time in your day, or when your day is done and you want to unwind. When those are your requirements, definitely give this single a listen.


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