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Bhaanu Mendiratta Has Passed Away

May 20, 03:47pm

The New Delhi musician was 31

The indie community has lost one of its hardest working members; Delhi guitarist and musician Bhaanu Mendiratta passed away by suicide (as his fellow musicians and friends have said) yesterday. We often see people from the scene who take things easy and follow the yellow brick road, but Bhaanu was a person who put it the work. He found the band Soul'd Out about a decade ago, making super groovy blues music and being an absolute force on the live stage. He also founded The Revisit Project, a Delhi collective that innovated in the pop-funk rock space. There are, of course, many other accolades and things he did in his musical career and it's remarkable that he did that by the age of 31, but what's most important is to, more than ever, enjoy the music he made.

Bhaanu's untimely passing shows us, yet again, the importance of a community, to be there for each other and to take mental health seriously. And it goes without saying that it is on us to remember him well.

Rest in peace.

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