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Bombay Black are Back with New Video

Feb 11, 05:52pm

The top notch Mumbai rock band return with ‘Boing Boing Boing’

The once experimental, always-ahead-of-their-time rock band Bombay Black are returning to the entirely different music scene with more than just a one-off reunion. Although the band, still comprising guitarist Randolph Correia, brothers Naresh and Paresh Kamath and drummer Lindsay D’Mello, among others.

While they officially reunited in March last year, playing a couple of gigs in Mumbai, Bombay Black are believed to be back for good this time. And we've got to take their word for it, since it's being backed by the release of an album, Bombay Black Hole, and a new music video for the song ‘Boing Boing Boing’.

Directed on a shoestring budget by filmmaker and writer Megha Ramaswamy, the video is a monochromatic look at the band in their oddest element, surrounded by rabbits and horses. The quick cut shots start with vocalist Paresh singing about all things kinky, including “she can give you head until you're dead”.

The band will launch their music video and album at a special gig at Blue Frog, Mumbai tonight. The album also includes 11 remixes by producers including Correia and former member and Delhi-based producer Samrat B aka Audio Pervert. Other featured musicians include scene veterans such as Abhijit Nalani, bassist Jaideep, Vibhas Rahul and Tyrone Fernandes. There are plans on for an extended nationwide tour, so it looks like Bombay Black are here to stay.

Bombay Black Hole Tracklist 

Boing Boing
Big Sexy
Sagar Darshan
Black Business
The Lesson
Razz [Session9]
Uwent4gold [ Boingboing Remix ]
Xtra Black Mixology
#The Witchhammer Tribute
#Aphrodisia Redux By Audio Pervert
+ 11 Remixes By A Host Of Emerging Producers And Bands

Watch the video for 'Boing Boing Boing' here:



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