• Sat, Jul 20, 2024

Dualist Inquiry Returns With A Collaboration And An Eminently Danceable New Single

Jul 11, 05:56pm

‘No Escape’ features Rudy Mukta on vocals


There’s no need to introduce Dualist Inquiry (Sahej Bakshi) to all of you, is there? He’s been in the scene for long enough for the very name to be a thing that’s just in all of our heads; like Maggi or T-Series, maybe. Laboured metaphors aside, Sahej has always been a pillar of the electronic music movement in this country, and a fixture on big festival stages for many years now. So obviously, his new single ‘No Escape’ is extremely high in quality. It features singer-songwriter Rudy Mukta on vocals and writing, though, which isn’t as obvious, but it goes over really nicely.

Rudy’s solo music lives very much in the modern world of hip-hop that’s inspired mainly by jazz or neo-soul; it’s murky, a bit wistful, and very skeletal in its production. ‘No Escape’ is most decidedly not that, which is why her presence on the tune is such a welcome surprise. Right from its 2-step (ish) intro to its fantastic house-y groove, the song screams lightness and fun. Rudy’s lyrics are a little involved and a little sad, sure, but they’re set against a backdrop that is almost purpose-built for dancing. The drums are great, the bass sounds like it’s coming from the bottom of a lake, and the vocal melodies are almost dangerously infectious. In short, this is one of those songs you play before doing something important or difficult, and you need just that little bit of confidence. Or a lot. Still works.


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