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Electrophazz Join 70 musicians For COVID Relief In Mumbai

May 02, 04:59am

French hiphop-jazz band Electrophazz create a music video with 70 musicians to support COVID-19 relief work in India.
 Photo Courtesy: Electrophazz

Mumbai based music agency Gatecrash have started a crowdfunding campaign to support a few NGO's working for COVID-19 relief. The agency planned to reach out to musicians to support the campaign by playing music and spreading the word.

French band Electrophazz who performed in India a few months ago (including at Sulafest), invited more than 70 musicians to join them for a music video with a song called "Message In The Dark" that will help promote the campaign. Sung both in English and French, the song manages to create inspiring moments through an impressive video shot by the musicians and singers from their respective lockdown environments.


“No matter how dark the days become, no matter how bad it gets, just know that we are all here for each other”
- Electrophazz


Click here to access the link to the campaign 




Watch the music video below:


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