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Expect Frizzell D'Souza To Be On All Your Playlists Real Soon

Oct 03, 04:19pm

Her single ‘Just As Easily’ is a song you’ll save without a second thought

While this jargon is going to be a bit jarring to some, a good metric (it seems like) of a musician getting regular rotation is being saved on some DSP for offline listening. The listening public (us) gravitates toward a certain feeling for this purpose; we save things we find comfort in and can listen to with some amount of emotional investment, be it on a flight or a late-night party when the Wifi stops working or something. Bangalore singer-songwriter Frizzell D’Souza finds this niche on the first single from her upcoming EP ‘The Hills Know Of You’ (now that is a nice title). The song is called ‘Just As Easily’ and it ticks every required box for the warm, indie sound that fills many a playlist on many a phone.

The main point to make about ‘Just As Easily’ is that it’s a tune that gets nothing intrinsically wrong. There’s precise, clean, warm production. A rhythm based on a nice, simple kick is in modern indie’s DNA and shows up here to good effect. Want some strings to up the in my feelings a bit rn vibe? Sure, you got it. Plus, there’s some really cool harmonic stuff going on at multiple points throughout the song to break any monotony. There’s some really understated but nice guitar playing from Frizzell to lay a strong foundation for her vocals. Said vocals are pretty much what you’d imagine them to sound like as soon you hear the first ten seconds of the song, which is again a good choice. This isn’t a situation for undue surprise or challenge, but perhaps one more suited to setting up a nice vibe and letting the listener live in it for three-and-a-bit minutes. And that is where the track is most comfortable. You can expect to show ‘Just As Easily’ off to your friends at a meet-up, but there’s a good chance it’ll be on their phones too. Which is good.


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