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Fox In The Garden Take It Easy On Their EP 'Natural Habitat'

Jan 17, 06:07pm

No wheels being reinvented here!

Mumbai band Fox In The Garden are out with their second EP ‘Natural Habitat’; this release seems to be more of an effort to solidify their identity and sound rather than an attempt at finding new ground or experimenting. As such, the music on offer here accomplishes that goal by just being simple, emotive and solid. That seems to be the expected takeaway for the listener, then; hey, these guys make good stuff. That’s actually sometimes a better idea than completely shooting for the moon, and that’s the case here.

There is no need to do the classic ‘review thing’ and use a bunch of flowery adjectives to fill up space, so we’re just going to explain what this EP consists of. Fox In The Garden are a 4-piece, so what you will find here are 5-songs of indie rock with a bunch of synth-pop influences and cheery grooves. While the standout track ‘Coma Weed’ does offer some tonal variety, the rest of the songs follow pretty much the same blueprint; clean tones, catchy hooks and relatively middle-of-the-road lyrics about life and other relatable subjects. ‘Out Of Phase’ is a sort of roadtrip song that is another standout.

But that’s about it as far as describing ‘Natural Habitat’ goes. It’s just solid, and that does mean it’s a good listen. There are no big songwriting gaffes, the material is quite simple and the production is fantastic. So there’s no real need to pontificate any further; please go ahead and check it out!


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