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Gooth Brings The Vibes On 'Her Song'

Dec 07, 08:22pm

Chennai-based alternative artist Gooth believes in the power of sound. And this is evident from his latest release “Her Song” – a dizzy, chill-pop number that prioritizes ambience building more than showcasing outstanding musicality. Signed under Circle of Love records, the single is accompanied by an equally trippy music video directed by The F16s member Gherkinz.

The song opens with a spacey pentatonic melody that reprises steadily through its course setting a meditative mood, layered with deep, rumbling drones and effervescent beats. Gooth’s vocals transitions fluidly throughout the track, beginning with a heavy, processed sound to a mellow, clean one and then to what could be considered his “true” voice. It again shifts to a coquettish, nasal tone to an assertive, matured one finally ending with his “true” voice once again. The frequent shifts in the vocal tonality could be a reflection of the artist’s dissociated headspace and fleeting sense of self. The song is inherently depressive in its narrative, with Gooth crooning about the agonizing reality of depression, addiction, and seeking help. The lyrics are dispersed, the words almost strung together to form barely coherent sentences indicative of the artist’s spiralling mental health. Gooth’s manic, scatter-brained ramblings takes you into an almost drug-induced dysphoric daze.

“Her Song” comes as a mature production take from the musician who has been trying to incorporate experimental-pop and alternative hip-hop into his sound palette for quite some time now. And with this latest single, it can be confirmed that the artist is on the right track, polishing up his shortfalls and approaching music with more tunnel-vision as now he knows what he wants out of it.


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