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Indie Artist Dot. Is Doing A Gig Fundraiser For Covid Relief

May 18, 05:34pm

She is hosting a show from her living room with proceeds going to the Digital Empowerment Foundation
 Photo Courtesy: Dot.

We’re close to the middle of 2021 now with a pandemic still in an advanced phase and the finish line seemingly far away; while it hasn’t been easy to cope, get treatment or find help, some of our citizens have stepped up. There are more people on Twitter and Instagram to get resources than normal channels. There are people spending their days making food for those who need it. Oxygen, medicines, vaccination information; a lot of people have been taking the lead to help. Of course, charitable organisations have been doing their bit too and are using all the funds or resources at their disposal. Indie artist Dot. is doing a gig to help this portion of the cause, with an online show whose proceeds will go to the charity DEF. The show will be from her living room and feature live music along with some messaging from the charity. It’s a good cause, and it’s happening May 30th. If you are able to donate, it’s another good thing you can give time to.

While the majority of Covid relief efforts have been focused on urban areas, rural India is being ignored. To prevent COVID-19 from claiming more lives than it already has. the Digital Empowerment Foundation is using its network across 1,000 locations in rural India to help stop the spread.

Tickets: https://www.skillboxes.com/events/dot-living-room-session-def-covid-relief

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