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Indie Pop Band Chabi Raise Their Voice, Quietly

Oct 30, 01:31pm

‘Phir Hum Dekhenge’ is a mellifluous and soft protest

Everyone loves contrast, whether it be between colours or sounds. ‘Phir Hum Dekhenge’, the emotional and tender new single from Delhi indie band Cha’bi, is a contrast of contexts. It is a two-and-a-half-minute affair with a harmonium (or synth), the barest of electronic drum arrangements and a simple, melancholy vocal delivery. But the second his first lyric woh lathi maarenge/hum khaayenge/phir hum dekhenge hits your ears, you understand what’s going on here. This is a protest song; a quiet and sunny assurance that we will get through whatever is happening in our country and fight it.

‘Phir Hum Dekhenge’ is a funny old song is some respects. Hearing calls to action and statements about all the stuff the people of our country are going through and being affected because of misuse of power is a blood-stirring experience, but here it is, presented with a lot of calmness and ease. Hell, if you weren’t listening to exactly what is being sung about here, you might think this is some lovelorn letter to a relationship gone by or something. But protest does come in many forms; angry, violent, strident, quiet, and sometimes beautiful. This song is an ode to that.



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