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Listen to one of the most original Indian hip-hop track ever!

Feb 04, 01:04pm

Warli Revolt is a war-cry warning of a brewing revolution against cutting down of the one of the biggest green pacth in the suburbs of Mumbai
 Photo Courtesy: Swadesi
More voices are coming up to save the Aarey Forest in Mumbai. Swadesi, a multilingual hip-hop band has released a music video in collaboration with activist Prakash Bhoir and The Aarey Collective. It is well known how this big green patch in the suburbs of Mumbai, where the Warli people live (who are now being affected for life), is being cut down with non-stop development causing displacement and eventual loss of livelihood.
This new song is in Marathi titled THE WARLI REVOLT, sounds like the most original Indian hip-hop track ever with Swadesi’s signature beat structures and Prakash Bhoir’s revolt outlining the history of Warli people and their brewing of a revolution against the cutting down of the forest. The music video is assisted with subtitles to understand the language and its lyrics with animated Warli art by Janmeet Singh.
Watch and listen to the song below:
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