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Pune Guitarist Vinay Kaushal Hits His Straps With Strong New Single

Nov 10, 04:26pm

‘Reality Check’ features Siddarth Basrur, sick slide playing and proper quality

If you heard Pune artist Vinay Kaushal’s 2018 album ‘Naked On A Train’, you would make the correct assumption that he is a jazz man. But his new single is decidedly not in that world. ‘Reality Check’ is a full-on rock tune complete with riffs and incredibly catchy vocals. Now, there isn’t any doubt that Vinay obviously has the talent and all that to make things sound great, but sometimes the almost overtly simple sensibilities of rock at its essence means that self-indulgence happens painfully often. Fortunately, that isn’t the case here; the track hits its mark.

There’s pretty much nothing to particularly pick apart or complain about. Siddarth Basrur is Siddarth Basrur, so his vocal lines have that amazing slightly darker edge to them and his performance is obviously top-notch. Among Jamir and Agneya Chikte are a super tight rhythm section and their grooves are on the money. The guitar stuff is where things get fun; Vinay uses both electric and acoustic sounds judiciously. Besides a heavy tone that could have a bit heavier and more thick, the sounds here are excellent. The acoustic guitar slide section that pops up in the middle of the track is incredible and the balls-to-the-wall solo that ends the song is equally great. There’s pedigree in his playing and great songwriting chops in his choice of riffs. We need more solid rock material these days, and the presence of ‘Reality Check’ is a very welcome shot in the arm for the sound.


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