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Steeve Vatz Is A Guitar Virtuoso Shaping Future Musicians

Aug 24, 02:28am

Chennai based Steeve Vatz inspires musicians through his self-authored guitar music training
 Photo Courtesy: Steeve Vatz

Steeve Vatz is a self-taught musician and his skills as a guitar player also extend to being an equally proficient bassist. Vatz, born and raised in Chennai has worked with legends like Ilayaraja , A.R. Rahman , Harris Jayaraj , Sivamani apart from Grammy winning artist like Scott Underwood.

Vatz has also been teaching since more than two decades authoring his own training material for modern Guitar/Bass and Drums. His training features a unique experience that helps the student shape thier own personality and not just stop at playing a favorite tune on the guitar. Starting at an early age of 11, the guitarist first took to playing bass that eventually led him to the guitar. The Chennai musician is evidently a dedicated teacher aiming to inspire and mentor musicans through his YouTube channel where he regularly puts out his work in modern guitar playing across various styles and genres.


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