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Tarini Shows Early Promise On Her New Effort 'Circles'

Mar 05, 05:39pm

We have a new and confident singer-songwriter on our hands!

Tarini may be relatively new to the indie music circuit, but her songwriting skills seem to go beyond her years. The singer-songwriter hailing from Chennai and currently based in the US came out with her second single ‘Circles’ - a melancholic indie track that croons about the woes of love and unhealthy relationships. Released in collaboration with producer Alvin Presley, the song is meant to be a follow-up to her previously released single ‘I Deserve Better’ which Tarini (released in 2021, recorded with Easy Wanderlings member Sanyanth Naroth). Although ‘Circles’ stands in its own right is also inherently tied to the last one through its narrative, making them, spiritually, sister songs. That’s interesting.

‘Circles’ is brooding and sentimental, accomplishing those feelings through a simple, but still heart-wrenching soundscape. Tarini uses a simple yet wistful chord progression on the acoustic guitar to lay the foundations of the track. Her vocals are mellow and contemplative with some violins to accentuate the bittersweetness that this song holds in its essence. This blame game may go on forever/But I can’t go on forever - or maybe she can, if only she lets go of the things holding her back without looking back. She is self-aware and finally sees her situation for what it is – the first step in her healing journey. Although somewhere, she wishes things would be different.

Tarini tells a rather personal story through ‘Circles’ and this is her redemption, her catharsis that finds a home in her music. And maybe this might be a relatable one to her listeners too as a lot of them may find a part of themselves in her struggles to rediscover who she is. One would say the young musician is proving herself to be a good singer and an already mature songwriter in her genre with and it is well worth giving her a chance.


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