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The Vibes Are Immaculate On Baddmint's Smooth Single 'Juno's Song'

May 22, 04:52pm

Modern music for the modern era.

New Delhi producer Baddmint is in the process of building up something of a musical resume; he’s been collaborating with artists like Nitansha (on her last couple singles) and making strides in the world of production of late. On the single we’re talking about here, ‘Juno’s Song’, he employs a style that quietly went from a niche to being the most popular branch of electronic music over the last few years. It’s the world of lo-fi chill; a world where you can search for ‘Chill Mix 2023’ and almost everything you will find on the first page of your music app will fulfil your requirements. The single itself is perhaps the genre’s best advertisement you can find in that every box has been meticulously ticked, and as you could imagine, the result is as relaxed as you might think.


Is there anything more to be said here? This song consists of a particular, well-understood set of ingredients:

1. Four-on-the-floor kicks

2. Well-mixed guitars

3. Really nice bass sounds

4. Smooth transitions

5. Enough ambience to fill a room

5. Nothing so intrusive that it would distract you while working


Very simply, what Baddmint does is take a well-known formula and follow it to the letter. It’s noteworthy that an artist understands the framework in which they are working, and that’s what makes ‘Juno’s Song’ such a compelling tune. Once you’re 15 seconds in, you know exactly what to expect, and that is a comfortable listening experience. Baddmint seems to understand this concept, and instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, he makes the very smart decision to work within himself and produce a genuinely good piece of music. You will play this song a lot without always knowing it, and that is its virtue.


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