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Welsh Jazz Quintet Burum to Start India in Mumbai on March 5

Mar 05, 04:39pm

Welsh jazz quintent, led by Tomos Williams, commence their India tour on March 5, performing in Mumbai, before heading to Delhi, Bangalore, and Goa.  

Burum, the Welsh jazz quintet led by award winning trumpeter Tomos Williams, commence their tour of India on March 5, playing in Mumbai at The Bandra Base, Bombay Jazz Club. The addition of renowned Welsh folk musician Ceri Rhys mathews on bagpipes and wooden flute adds an eclectic dimension to their sound, accentuating the rhythm section, which features Dave Jones on the piano, Aidan Thorne playing the bass, and Mark O'Connor on drums.

Their repertoire draws from traditional Welsh music, which they've adapted and interpreted keeping in mind their modern jazz leanings. Fundamentally, their music retains an understanding and appreciation of the original folk melodies, while also adding their own signature through the dynamics of jazz improvisation and their expertise and understanding of their own instruments.

After Mumbai, the quintent performs in Delhi on March 7, playing at the Glod Music Institute. They play at The BFlat Bar in Bangalore on Saturday, March 8, before culminating the tour in Goa on March 9, where they play at the Live Lounge, Baywatch Resort, Colva. 

Watch Burum performing live below:

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