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Zenguin's New EP Kensho Takes Off With 747

Jul 02, 10:23am

Chaos and harmony, digital and analog, modern and vintage, Zenguin's new EP is an attempt to find the centre. 
 Photo Courtesy: Amby Saby
Delhi based progressive/instrumental rock duo Zenguin has released the first track off its upcoming EP 'Kensho'. Titled '747', the song is the first part of an exercise that will involve the release of another track from the EP and a music video. 
The recently released track does sound more organic, as the guitarist Saksham Gupta rightly emphasises, and that is one distinctive aspect where 'Kensho' stands apart from the previous studio efforts. With Vasu Singal on drums, the duo - Saksham Gupta and Akash Gupta - have managed to provide a curiously fascinating idea of the EP's sonic path. The idea was to find the common ground between 'white' and 'black' and subtly incorporate the contrasting elements. Technically, analog-digital soundscape appear on the frontier as the arrangement represents the opposite ends of the spectrum. Continuing with the approach, the songwriting features extremely sophisticated and modern as well as '90s cluttered and progressive pattern. The outcome has a similar effect providing the listener some areas where it encompasses chaos (through Akash's bassline from the moment it starts) as well as harmony (through Saksham's riffs and rhythmic pattern) thus achieving the right blend. 

Listen to '747':

Artwork: Nimisha Singal

With an EP released every year since 2016, the duo continues to cherish the 'positives' of being an independent rock act. "If it ever stops being fun or became more about anxiety, maybe we would stop doing it," says Saksham, who found the similar positives through his other projects including the metal band Colossal Figures. Drawing comparisons to the previous EPs 'Binary Breakfast' and 'Toska', Saksham points out that the titles loosely convey a mood that represents Zenguin's evolution of sound. Complimenting the core ideology of an instrumental rock project, Saksham adds, "Absence of too many definitions in the form of words leaves more room for abstraction."
Mixed and Mastered at LotusTree Studios in Delhi, 'Kensho' looks promising, and purely on the basis of '747', the EP potentially finds itself in the company of some of the best releases this year (so far). 
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