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Bands We're Listening To This Week - 3

features Aug 12, 12:30pm

Our friend Lakshman gives us another list of amazing new artists to be heard and added to our playlists.
 Photo Courtesy: Geoff Johnson

1. Vaults

                                         Photo Courtesy: Google
Very little is known about this group from London. Their website only links to social media accounts and pre-order links to their upcoming album. They might be secretive, but it matters very little- the mid-tempo electro-pop melodies speak for themselves. 
2.Sajid and The Lost Boys
                                       Photo Courtesy: Bluefrog
This one is from the old CD collection. Delhi-based Sajid Akbar needs very little introduction (“The Killer Tomatoes”- that’s it). Wielding an acoustic guitar, Sajid Akbar and The Lost Boys (who can be found in Advaita) in 2008 went on to create Kid Without Candy- one of the most important Indian independent albums ever released (according to this author, anyway)
follow them on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/boyslost?fref=ts
3.Best Coast
                          Photo Courtesy: Youtube
LA-based rock duo Best Coast are known for their lo-fi guitar based pop inspired by surf-rock bands from the 60s. Over the course of three albums (the last of which, California Nights, was released earlier this year) their sound become cleaner, slowly shedding its lo-fi skin. 
Follow them on facebook here:https://www.facebook.com/bestcoast?fref=ts
4.The Monkey In Me
                                  Photo Courtesy : Facebook
The Monkey In Me is a Kolkata-based indie/dream-pop supergroup consisting of Shoumik Biswas, Subhagata Singha, Varun Kishore andNischay Parekh. While they’re currently recording their upcoming EP, they’ve put up a bunch of singles on soundcloud.
Follow them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/themonkeyinme?fref=ts
5.Angus and Julia Stone
                                          Photo Courtesy: Google
Indie-folk’s famous brother-sister duo amicably went solo by the end of 2010 and Rick Rubin prides himself in bringing the two back together for their self-titled third album last year. The album is definitely darker (and a somehow more experimental) than their first two albums and brings out an interesting dimension to their songwriting (Rick Ruben also stated that this is the first time the duo have written songs together rather than bringing already-written songs to each other)
Follow them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/AngusAndJulia?fref=ts
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