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Bands We're Listening To This Week

features Jul 29, 12:57pm

Here's an assorted collection of artists Lakshman Parsumram was kind enough to suggest for your monsoon playlist. Tickle your sense of groove!


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A modern soul band from London, Jungle derive their sound from 1970s funk (and, a lot of Jamiroquai). They released their debut album, Jungle, last year to roaring reviews, and played a highly praised set at KEXP a couple of months later.

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Watch the video for 'Time' by Jungle below:



Image Courtesy Tammy Karlssen

Hailing from Sweden, Goat’s album World Music was acclaimed as one of the best of 2012. It's called World Music because it bears traces of all music, from all over the world – not for them the usual, narrow (read: Afrocentric) definition of the term. 

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Watch the video for 'Hide From The Sun' by Goat below:


Hot Chip

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Synthpop veterans Hot Chip released their latest album, Why Make Sense?, in May this year. The album has received much praise (even Pitchfork gave the album a positive review), being called, “their smoothest, and most professional-sounding album yet." 

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Watch the video for 'Need You Now' by Hot Chip below:


Tame Impala

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This one’s a no brainer. The psychedelia juggernauts released their third album, Currents, just a couple of weeks ago. It marks a shift from their regular sound - from an emphasis on guitars to synthesizers; and, nobody’s complaining.

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Watch the video for 'Mind Mischief' by Tame Impala below:



Artwork Courtesy Dangercat

Moving closer to home, Bangalore-based dreampop group Alexis released their debut live EP, Back To Start, earlier in July at Blue Frog in Bangalore. Deriving sounds from pop, RnB, and trip-hop, the young band sounds like they’re headed for big things. 

Visit the Facebook page.

Watch the video for 'Burn' by Alexis below:

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