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Bhavi Chandiramani Is Forging Her Own Path With Moj

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Music through content creation is the future, and Bhavi is ahead of the curve thanks to platforms like Moj

So, Bhavi Chandiramani is a young content creator who’s amassed a million-plus followers on the social media app Moj over the last year. She just put out a music video ‘Khwaab’ to go with her content (that covers anything you could name for a content creator to make). She represents something a lot of people are overlooking in the space, which is the validity of creating a career this way. Moj is a platform that enables this, and Bhavi is a creator that believes in what she does enough to do the hard work that all the cynics don’t do. It’s all very well to sit and judge, but success is success, and one could be damn sure she’s doing more than most. We spoke to her about her journey and ethic, and there’s a lot to learn here.


What inspired you to be a content creator? Considering you grew up in Dubai and how you grew up, what was the first piece of content that made you fall in love with it?

It was movies for me; I used to watch old movies with my grandmother. The first thing would be ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’; I remember covering my face with a dupatta and singing the songs from it, really acting it out as I was so inspired! Then, in lockdown, I ended up in front of the camera and that was the only real way I could express myself.

It’s not easy to put oneself out there like this; did you have any fear of showing yourself to the public starting out or was it natural to you?

Initially, I was quite conscious of it. I would always think “What would the person on the other side of the camera think?” and judge me. But I had to get over it; I’m still in the process of overcoming that fear. I started making content in my room, which is my studio. There’s no one in here, of course, but I still had to get over it. Now I’m doing shoots and so on, so that’s helped a lot too. To get out of my head, and do what I love, because I do genuinely love it.


Considering the traction you and ‘Khwaab’ have got, you’re now in front of a lot of people; it’s not just you in front of the camera anymore at times. Do you find a difference between those days of recording by yourself and being in a big shoot with other people watching from behind the camera?

The first ten seconds are quite difficult, watching everyone prepping. But what I learnt with ‘Khwaab’ is being physically there while they’re making the shot ready, feeling what’s around me and getting familiar with my environment. Once that happens, it’s a bit easier. But once I get used to it, once ‘Action’ is said, I get all my strength up from my stomach and just give it my all, because this is my dream and what I’ve always wanted to do. The rush of doing it is great too.


You started on Moj in June 2021. When you did that, did you have any idea what would happen a year from then?

I never thought about it per se, but I know that whenever I start making content, I have to be consistent. Moj supports and pushes their creators, and they’ll help you if you’re doing the work. I feel like this is a great platform for new creators; I was very new but I stuck to the work and did it my way.


It’s normal to ask what your advice would be to other creators, but you did say ‘consistency’ which is important. But there’s also the idea of quantity vs. quality. What’s your take on it?

Attention spans are very low these days. People can see through you and they know your quality. Your engagement will instantly drop. The idea is be consistent with yourself, your own content and creativity, and doing exactly what you believe.


What was the inspiration behind ‘Khwaab’ and bringing Anumita (the vocalist) on?

I had to audition for it, actually. I heard the song and fell in love with it, and then I sent my piece in and Moj selected it, which is one of the best feelings I’ve had. It’s all because of the song, and I didn’t even think about what would work or not. I didn’t even care about the outcome, but it’s just something I wanted to do and a be a part of.


You make content across ‘genres’; acting, fashion, dance and everything in between. How did you develop interests in all of these things just by being a fan?

I like fashion and I put a lot of time into my work. I think of my outfits and don’t take the easy way out with before and after videos; I actually try to make sure that I fit in everything I’ve learnt and what my own style is right now. I’m training in dance right now, but not for my content; it’s just something I’m learning. I also act because I enjoy it; it comes naturally to me as I feel. So it’s all very organic.




You weren’t professionally trained in any of this stuff when you were younger, and there’s a thing people feel, which is that all this requires rigorous study. But people underestimate passion. You’ve done exactly that. Since your dream is become an actor, how do you think all you’ve learnt has fit into that, your dream?

It’s been a step-by-step process for me. In college, I learnt about media and brand management, which didn’t help me directly, but it did help me learn what social media’s power is. I knew then that I wanted to use it and be out there. ‘Khwaab’ was my first time in front of a camera and crew, and that happened from my social media and Moj. I always wanted to have a music video as my entry into acting, and that’s actually happened. So planning is very important, and it got me here. Things do fall in place if there’s a plan. There’s the thing people say “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and it's cliched, but it’s something you should think about yourself. Maybe write it down, and then use all the resources you can find to move forward in it.


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