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Street Stories Release New Single, Titled 'Stuck in Today'

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Street Stories, the very energetic indie/pop-punk three-piece from Shillong, have released their new single, called ‘Stuck in Today’ with RSJ. The song has been recorded and produced at Element Indie Records, Dimapur. We chat with the guys about what the song is about, and what their future plans are. Scroll down to check out the song.
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Street Stories, an indie/pop-punk three-piece from Shillong, has been making waves in the competition and gigging circuit with a very powerful live act and their energetic and very accessible garage vibe. Pezo Kronu, who fronts the band, handling guitar and vocal duties, formed the band with his brother Riko on bass. They’d been writing music since forever, but they officially became a band in 2010, after they finally found a drummer (Matsram Sangma).

Watch the official lyric video for 'Stuck in Today' by Street Stories and sing along:

The guys have established a name for themselves and played many shows and competitions. “We’re always looking for a platform as a band,” says Pezo. They’re all set to play in Guwahati on October 27, and are even considering a move to Delhi, maybe next year, to play more gigs and to reach out to wider audiences. The band has already released one EP, called Apple and the Clown, which was about Pezo’s relationship with his girlfriend – she the apple and he the clown – and are now in the process of writing and recording more music. They have released ‘Stuck in Today’ as a single – the song has been recorded and produced at Element Indie Records, Dimapur, with Kevi Pucho handling the production. “We’re very happy with the recording this time – it sounds pretty good,” says Pezo. They’ve also been recording more songs; that’s currently on hold for now, although they do intend on releasing a full length album next year.  

So while the previous release featured songs mostly about Pezo’s relationship, the new music the band is writing sees him covering a far wider range of lyrical content – “I’m writing about my anger; about being angry at things. There are also a lot of fun songs that I’ve written,” he says. One of those fun songs is ‘Stuck in Today’: “The song is about being stuck in time; just feeling the moment. It’s all about having fun and doing whatever you want – that’s what the song talks about it.”

The words of the song reflect its musical atmosphere as pleasant guitar progressions establish a very hopeful and agreeable energy to the whole thing, and it maintains a catchy sensibility throughout its duration with a great singalong chorus.  

Click on the link below to listen to 'Stuck in Today' by Street Stories

'Stuck in Today' by Street Stories



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