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Taking each day as it comes- Janvi Anand

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Making waves with her music since past 2 years in California, meet 24 year old Indian guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer and teacher, Janvi Anand.
 Photo Courtesy: Janvi Anand

Janvi Anand has been experimenting her acts of playing different instruments like drums, piano and guitar, whilst finally finding guitar as her true calling. “Since the time I’ve learnt playing the guitar, we have been inseparable, it’s something I play from my heart,” adds Janvi. With her love for guitar, the Delhi University graduate also taught a bunch of students playing guitar from her college imbibing her love for teaching as well. “I was going in a metro one day and a fellow college student after seeing my guitar asked me if I could teach her. From that day on the number just increased” she adds. This made her realize the importance of quality music education leading her to start Crescendo Institute of Music and teaching more than 80 students for over three years.

“People are more open, interactive and appreciative of the art in LA. Even in terms of promoters, there is a different level of professionalism with most of my dealings”
- Janvi Anand



But after graduating it was Anand’s will to move forward and get admitted to Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, finally making her dreams come true by launching a Debut EP “Inside These Pages” in 2015 with her trio in college. Later while seeking to evolve more with her music she formed “Janvi Anand Collective”.  Even though she performs as a group in LA, Janvi prefers being a solo singer- songwriter here in India. “In LA it’s more of a professional set-up as I put up the entire project and hire session players depending on the gig for Janvi Anand Collective, no one is permanent there”. She also adds the difference between the Indian and the US market, saying “People are more open, interactive and appreciative of the art in LA. Even in terms of promoters, there is a different level of professionalism with most of my dealings being formal and on paper. But India has a lot of potential too for Indie music and it will grow.”



Anand has been busy after launching her full length 11 Track album “Faces of Love” in March this year and has been touring for the first time in India for showcasing her music calling ‘Faces of Love’ a concept album featuring different love stories inspired by her near ones with each song having its own characteristic. The album has a cross genre appeal with a lot of instruments being used as per each song where every song has been recorded live. “I won’t give it any genre, I just make songs as they come, it could be blues, jazz, rock or even pop. I just like love songs and if not all, everyone will relate to at least relate to one song in the album”, adds Anand.


Anand has been performing in India with no locked schedule finding opportunities progressively. She has recently performed at the Totem Pole Conference in Mumbai and has been spending a lot of her time teaching and helping people in music. Janvi Anand has her hands full while setting up a tour on the west coast in US and writing more music based on social issues.


Listen to her album “Faces of Love” here





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