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The Black Sheep of New Age Music Industry -REProduceArtists

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Featuring Rana Ghose and REProduceArtists- a short insight into the underground 
 Photo Courtesy: Gitarth Das, Lakshman Anand

At an era in India where rise of new music and artists are at its peak and talent is being branded and outsourced in full throttle, meet Rana Ghose, responsible for the structure and basis of the emerging REProduceArtists based in New Delhi.


“Charanjit’s music with its distinct use of Indian ragas combined with machines and synthesisers made quite a stir in the world of dance and electronic music. This distinctiveness Charanjit had at the age of 72 was truly stunning”

- Rana Ghose

Ghose after getting his PhD from Maharashtra in 2010, met one of his very beloved artists, Late Charanjit Singh at a Music Conference. “Charanjit’s music with its distinct use of Indian ragas combined with machines and synthesisers made quite a stir in the world of dance and electronic music. This distinctiveness Charanjit had at the age of 72 was truly stunning’, says Ghose. After a year, REProduce created a 7 city tour for the artist in Europe receiveing exceptional response. Since then, REProduce has added some remarkable names like Bassister, Fuzzy Logic, Hashback Hashish, HVAD, Jamblu, Lifafa, MC Kash, Peter Cat Recording Co., Ravana, Shivnakaun, Toymob and more.

REProduce avidly started in 2013 in April, where Ghose alone handled and discovered various new artists and gave them a platform to showcase their art in different countries.



So how is REProduce different? For starters REProduce solely and whole heartedly relies on  just raw talent. REProduce artists have a basic belief for people to come see and listen to their artists  and not just “to chill while having a drink and talking about it”, but to hear them out for the purpose of completely getting blown away by music which will leave them stunned for a long time. Exactly why REProduce events are generally at places varying from Art Décors to Catholic Boys Hostels to Bakeries. REProduce believes that talent can be showcased everywhere and anywhere, it does not need a certain set-up. Ghose admits, “REProduce doesn’t believe in the idea of having sponsors to showcase their artists and finds the idea quite weird”.

So at the age of commercialism how does REProduce manage to stand out? By very simple means, through the word of mouth. Ghose believes in the idea of being sincere to his work and loves the idea of managing everything alone related to promotions, execution of event and creating content to keeping the brand alive. Their short format promos on Instagram are evident of an effective DIY approach -Ghose executes everything on his own.



REProduce’s The Listening Room has an absolute straight agenda of compiling a “multi-genre” set of extremely talented artists on the rise to showcase their art and deliver a startling experience to the audience. It is a pretty cut-to-the-chase event with no alcohol and the timings being effortlessly curated between 4PM-9PM, thus avoiding the hassle with time boundation. 

The discovery of artists for REProduce is a pretty simple and sleek job. People send over their music and any and everything that speaks to the senses are the way to go. They are open to different, new, amazing and even weird. The rules are, “There are no rules”.

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