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Unstoppably Proactive is Tanya Nambiar

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Talking to Tanya about her new EP- “Good girls Gone”
 Photo Courtesy: Tanya Nambiar

An assorted upbringing with parents both from South and North of the country and being totally Delhi based, singer-songwriter Tanya Nambiar, starting with the now demolished rock band Gravy Train to accomplishing herself as an solo artist, has had a roller coaster ride as a musician since the past 8 years of her being in the Indie scene.

After the breaking of her band, Tanya took on the job as being a musician in her own hands by songwriting and finally launching herself as a solo artist in 2016. “I always loved music and my parents always encouraged me to go ahead with it and made me listen to artists like Madonna, Lionel Richi, but I never thought I could’ve taken this as a full time career.” says Nambiar. She started realizing her love for music more after her joint venture of hosting Karaoke Nights with her brother and started getting appreciated for it. “Karaoke was a very new thing when we started it in Delhi and it was my only source to sing when I had a job, but people started appreciating my singing more and more and that made me realize that I should possibly take my love for music further and thus I quit my job to take music full time. But I never left my Karaoke night hosting and made a practical decision to forego my survival.” adds Tanya candidly. 

“Being a salesperson, there is no one else but me to back up my craft and music”
- Tanya Nambiar



With all the hard work put into her song making Tanya, after her single ‘Good Old Days’, has come with her 3-Track EP ‘Good Girls Gone’, with a sheer blend of pop, rock, jazz and blues. “I don’t have a fixed genre, I don’t believe there is a right or a wrong in mixing any genre.” proclaims Nambiar.

Opening with her main song ‘Good Girls Gone’, with her sarcastic take on women who speak up their mind being not good and voicing her inner badass feminist to retrieving to a more easy going second track, ‘Love at first site’, which talks about the take on a modern relation and finally ending it with her third track ‘Love Letter’, which according to her talks about just expressing someone that you love them. Tanya believes in putting up music that everyone can relate to and is effortless to understand and thus, proclaims her genuine effort for the EP.



“Being a salesperson, there is no one else but me to back up my craft and music.” says Nambiar and with her side ventures of being a voiceover artist, anchor and recently adding to her profile, a business woman, there is certainly no stopping for her.

You can buy and listen to her music here




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