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Reconstructing 2012
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Jan-Feb, 2013

Reconstructing 2012

OKaaaayyy! Here we go then... the Jan-Feb Issue *cue breakdown* We're looking back all the buzz that made 2012 and plucking out the 12 best reasons to remember the same. To best explain this, we can only repeat this ad infinituum... Progressive Metal, DIE ANTWOORD, Deftones, Sulk Station, Ziro Festival of Music, D.I.Y., British Theatre, Bedroom Producers, Skyharbor, Snowshoe, BLEK, STD, Top Releases, CTRL ALT DELETE, Slayer band, Guns n Roses, Karnivool, Kryptos, free poster... For further clarity and a smashing free CD that contains the entire E.P. of one of this year's newest and most impressive Djentlemen, go PICK YOUR COPY now!!!!