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The Big Bang: The Festival Explosion
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NOV-DEC, 2012

The Big Bang: The Festival Explosion

This festival, that festival, here festival, there festival - this new festival craze is pretty much everywhere we look. So, in November's cover feature, RSJ cuts through the bullshit and looks at this rapid rise of the festival culture among the niche music community, and what it really means and stands for. It's all a big party, is all we can say. Also in line are features on Harley Rock Riders, which featured the likes of Bhayanak Maut and Pentagram, among others, and a lovely photo essay of the Ziro Festival of Music by the inimitable Shiv Ahuja. And METALHEADS, we get the sniff that you guys don't like all this attention we're showering on other sounds? Well, we still love you as much as ever, and we have a big surprise waiting for you. But hold your horses; we're not telling you just yet! But we can tell you that there's a lowdown on melodic death metal, featuring the likes of Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, and Arch Enemy, in our new section titled Genre 101. In this time's PHOTO FINISH, we chat with, and showcase the works of, the very eccentric and very brilliant Vijay Kate, as he takes us through his processes and gripes. Then there's Thermal and a Quarter, telling us about their new album which, incidentally, has 28 songs. Yes, TWENTY EIGHT! We also catch up with Delhi's Stefan Kaye about one of his many projects, The Jass B'stards, as he tells us about their unique jam-worthy jazzy sound, his fancy-ass keyboard, and bureaucr


Track List / Description

Beneath The Massacre - Left Hand
Bevar Sea - The Smiler
Conan - Battle In The Swamp
Conan - Hawk as Weapon
Dissipate - Motion
Goddess Gagged - Modern Machines
Last Chance to Reason - Upload Complete
Limit Zero - Gravestone Constellation
Monuments - 97% Static
Phobia - Radical Contradictions
Scale The Summit - Gallows
This Or The Apocalypse - Hell Praiser
Yonsample - Sundered Vicinity
Zygnema - Machine State Hibernation