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Abhibyanjana Makes More Progress On Her New EP

Feb 17, 05:12pm

‘Breezing Through’ shows evolution, which is a good thing

When we last visited the work of Gangtok-hailing and Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Abhibyanjana Rubhi Thatal in 2022, she had just released her neo-soul/R&B number 'Shampoo Bottle' which earned her a spot in quite a few music publications that granted her mostly positive reviews. The 24-year-old musician is back with her debut EP Breezing Through, a charming dream-pop record that is a soothing treat to the ears. The singer has come a long way since 2018 when she released her first-ever single ‘Groovy Girl’ and leaves no stone unturned in really proving herself in this new EP – both as a good musician and person.

Abhibyanjana has gone an extra step out of her comfort zone in this EP, which is good for displaying her growth as a musician. The slow, dream-pop soundscape of the title track with the violin textures alongside the moody, soulful ensemble of the guitars, drums and bass confirms that. She is honest and vulnerable and uses these traits as her strengths. Strewn with bright, sparkling soundscapes, the 3-track EP is a form of uninhibited self-expression for the musician. She has experimented with more fluid textures in these new songs, something she kind of attempted in her 2021 single ‘Winter Love’. That approach comes with more self-confidence in this time round – the instrumentals are fluent and meditative and the vocals follow suit. But at the same time, she has paid tribute to her roots in ‘River’. This track hosts more R&B influences – a sound she is familiar with. Scintillating synth lines embedded in a cushion of languid and boppy (?) bass grooves accentuate some silky vocals. When the full soundscape with a doubled and layered vocal melody kicks in by the end of the song, it sort of jerks you out of the trance the previous minutes put you in.

But what completed the EP for me was ‘Honestly’, a song sees her try out a rather different sound that still fits in perfectly with the mood of the EP. The song is not really indie-folk but it is, kind of. Fluid, evocative vocals with a minimalistic instrumental palette in the background. It’s heart-wrenching in some parts and warm in others, her delivery is tangibly sincere and is sure to welcome you into its dreamy, quiet presentation.

Abhibyanjana seems to have found her sound on ‘Breezing Through’ and one can only wait to see what she has next. After listening to this, that is.


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