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Arjun C Makes His Mark With Debut Single 'Fairy Tale'

Jan 09, 06:03pm

“Text me @ 91-9999088819 but don’t call me!”

That byline is what Arjun Chaudhary, a fresh new singer-songwriter, says in his Spotify bio. While we were not able to dig up much in terms of information about him (there’s a small press release that we’ll share snippets from), the artist’s origins really do not matter as much once his new single “Fairy Tale” gets started.

This is the all the backstory the rather enigmatic press release offers:

“After a year of writing catchy hooks and filming zany music videos for his Instagram, Arjun C took the next logical step: a full song. And it’s called ‘Fairy Tale.’

Arjun loves prompts. He likens music to improv comedy. His favorite stranger gave him the prompt ‘Fairy Tale’, and he let his fingertips do the rest. What’s he singing about? That’s the thing. Like words in the English language, its meaning evolves over time. Right now, it’s a token of gratitude for those who stood by him: friends, parents, strangers on social media. You see, he’s ready to take on the scary world of music, but he can’t do it alone. A little love goes a long way. But a lot of love? We’re practically unstoppable.”

And, boy, what a debut single this is. Its cover art is already enough to get anyone interested enough to check it out. “Fairy Tale” waits about 15 seconds before hitting the listener with an extremely catchy guitar hook, and the song pretty much does not let up from that point until the end. Every single aspect of “Fairy Tale” feels very well thought-out and melds together perfectly, and there are quite a number of unique elements throughout the song. From guitar tones, effects, synths, drums, the bass humming along effortlessly, everything meets at the right junction to come out the other side with an extremely danceable bop.

Going by Arjun’s Instagram, it looks like a music video is in the works too. This is one musical artist that people need to be on the lookout for, and we hope to see live shows and more releases in the future.


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