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Enter An Atmospheric World With Floral Circuit's Debut Single 'Waking Reverie'

Jan 11, 05:17pm

There’s plenty of texture on this electronic offering

Has anyone noticed that electronic music is quietly making a comeback in certain parts of the mainstream? Things that had a moment about a decade ago (ambient, vaporwave, even EDM) are returning to festivals and album cycles. Either way, this creative space is the home of Ujjain’s Floral Circuit. He is a producer and electronic artist; his first single ‘Waking Reverie’ is out now and pulls a lot from electronica and the more abstract forms of electronic music in the 2000s. It’s a nice, clean bit of music that you can very quickly lose yourself in. Not bad for a start, right?

The more knowledgeable (and maybe pretentious) fans of these genre will doubtless have a few quiet smiles to themselves when they recognize nods to a few seminal artists in Floral Circuit’s writing and sound choices (most notably Four Tet, Boards Of Canada and probably even some Burial), but there is a narrative bent to ‘Waking Reverie’ that is all its own. It’s almost six minutes long, and it uses that time to present two distinct halves. It’s described by the artist as an imagination of sleep and then being awake, but the truth is that you can attach whatever narrative you want to the song. It’s pretty open to interpretation, which is actually a good thing here. It means you can let that part of your mind do whatever it wants and just listen to, well, music.

The first half of the tune wanders about a bit, using everything from a shaker to some vaporwave-y synths to the sound of waves; the groove that follows is half-time to further drive this home. This is the chill bit of the track, and the switch-up to its tighter, more nailed-down second half comes in the form of a motif made up of some bell samples. This is a nice ‘sunrise’ that takes the song to its end; arpeggiated synths, four-on-the-floor kicks, even a small vocal chop that sits back in the mix. ‘Waking Reverie’ is a confident first release from Floral Circuit, and if this sound is truly coming back, you can expect to be hearing this song quite a bit. After your first few plays, that is.


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