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Listen To The Bittersweet And Blissful New Effort From Meadows And Rust

Mar 25, 03:33pm

‘Lost’ is sad and atmospheric in the most controlled, deliberate and evocative way
 Photo Courtesy: Vivek Venkatraman

Aditya Narayan makes music in the good ol’ Bolly full-time, but he does some stuff outside that world too. This project of his, Meadows And Rust, is an example of this; he works solo and deals primarily with pop-leaning ambient and soundtrack music. Now, this genre has been getting bigger and bigger of late but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to use the dreamlike, orchestral and emotionally heavy sounds usually employed properly. The good thing about this single ‘Lost’ is that Aditya exercises a great deal of control over how these sounds are used. That makes it a smooth and rewarding three and a half minutes of ear-time.

From the quiet but rising vocals to the incredibly well-used piano sounds, ‘Lost’ is all about that bittersweet feeling we crave sometimes. There’s no doubt it’s produced really well. The pianos are especially good; they’re layered across different octaves, it seems like. Anyhow, they create a big chunk of frequencies on their own and do an admirable job of filling out the mix. Some synths, loops and a guitar add a lot of flavour. And when the solitary, plodding kick enters to anchor the song’s second half, the emotion is dialled up to its dramatic high point. This is proper soundtrack fare and good material at that. Layered vocals, faraway-sounding layering, it’s all executed excellently. There is a really good time to be had here if you like the more atmospheric side of things; even if not, the song is written well enough to work just as well.


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