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Tanmaya Bhatnagar Releases Tender And Ethereal New Single

Mar 27, 03:08pm

‘Raat Adhoori’ hits all its contemplative marks
 Photo Courtesy: Aditi Gupta

It might seem like New Delhi’s Tanmaya Bhatnagar is new to the scene but her credentials say otherwise. In a short career so far, she has popped off on Spotify’s indie program, made an entry into the ol’ Bolly and released solo material of a high quality. ‘Raat Adhoori’, her new single, is another step forward in this regard; she plays on the emotion of her delivery really well and surrounds it with good instrumentation. It’s no surprise her music has taken off the way it has.

It’s all about sentimentality here. Even though the centrepiece is her vocals and the accompanying ukulele (that most bittersweet of instruments when singing romantic indie songs), the other instrumentation plays a big role. The unsung hero of the song is undoubtedly the bass. People don’t appreciate something that keeps the pulse enough (not that anyone has to, but it does go under the radar); the bass provides fantastic low-end and rhythm. Of course, there are the layered, space-y and ambient guitars that provide the drama, but even they only add to the wistful nature of Tanmaya’s vocals. Her delivery is lilting and very quiet, and that almost shy presentation is complemented oh-so-well by the uke and its chords. In short, even if ‘Raat Adhoori’ was just Tanmaya singing without a mic and playing the uke, without all the vocal layering or guitars, it would still retain its emotional quality. That’s the mark of a song well made.


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