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Mumbai Artist Apocryphal Lets Modern Progressive Metal Fly On New Single

Dec 26, 04:29pm

Featuring Sarfaad’s Arbaaz Khan, ‘Nightmare’ is a rigid and riff-filled track in the modern metal tradition

The turn of the previous decade saw a widespread use of amp modelling, thicc guitars and a willingness to use ‘complex’ musical ideas to make catchy and accessible progressive metal. Yes, it did start out as a rather plastic genre that was devoid of any real feeling or organic-ness, but it grew. Karan Sanchala makes this type of music under the name Apocryphal; his new single ‘Nightmare’ sort of encapsulates what the heavily edited and precise ideas that modern prog metal brought can (and can’t) do.

There are some uptempo, high-energy riffs (between hardcore, old djent and the heavier side of metalcore, pick the subgenre that sticks out to you the most) that have a not uncommon urgency to them. They are played very straight and precisely; while the almost mechanical groove of such a presentation is a great vehicle for head-banging, it is exactly that: quite mechanical and deliberately static. Modern prog guitars (except on occasion) haven’t really given rise to many tearjerker moments and ‘Nightmare’ lives very much in its energetic and direct emotional space. The guitars are supplemented by some raspy growls from Mumbai band Sarfaad’s Arbaaz Khan. Again, ‘Nightmare’ does exactly what you would expect it to do; it has some interesting rhythms, consistent playing and a few moments where the thick, processed tones and sounds shine.


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