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Mumbai Trio Cryosis Releases Jumpy New Pop Single

Dec 22, 12:05pm

‘You Make Me’ sounds instantly like it's possibly coming to a viral phone ad near you

Mumbai pop act Cryosis has apparently been racking up streaming numbers and landing live performances on shows for a minute now, but it’s not at all difficult to see why. Ever since ad music became its own bonafide genre, it has semi-spawned a lot of music that is both metaphorically and literally commercial. Cryosis is a perfect fit for this type of unabashedly accessible material and their new single ‘You Make Me’ is obvious proof. It’s really difficult to get this out of your head.

Maybe pop’s dilution this century has made it a bit less of an achievement, but it’s right to say that crafting a well-crafted pop song with melodies that stick in your head is not some easy and thoughtless task. ‘You Make Me’ is almost custom-built to do that. Its parts are very simple; a guitar melody that has the tiniest hint of twang, a bubbly rhythm, earworm chorus and the barest chords. But that’s all the band seems to need, because when it all comes together, this is a sureshot ringtone. It’s not common to see songs that have that simple and addictive quality while not being obnoxious; Cryosis do the job here. It absolutely has the potential to be completely overplayed, but as a short and minimally invasive experience, it’s a pop song that will set up shop in your head for a while.


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