• Sat, Jul 20, 2024

NATE08's New Single Is Unabashedly Modern Dance-Pop

Jul 24, 05:29pm

‘Inna Minute’ has no illusions about its identity

This single from Mumbai producer NATE08 features Azamaan Hoyvoy on vocals. It’s precisely the kind of highly danceable and accessible house-pop music that gets ruined by pretentious analysis or detailed descriptions, so let’s dispense with all that stuff and keep things short and sweet. The song is called ‘Inna Minute’ and it’s built to give you four and a half minutes of fun in the middle of your day.

NATE08 is also a bass player, so it’s very obvious that this song’s bassline absolutely goes. Azamaan has an interesting tone to his vocals, but his delivery has the sort of measured, controlled and precise vibe of the modern funk-pop-neo-soul music that is guaranteed to chart if enough of you use it in the next IG reel you’re planning to make. The groove is minimal, but that makes the kicks a bit more pronounced. There’s an electric piano for texture. ‘Inna Minute’ spends absolutely no time deviating from its central ideas of bass, groove, and catchy melodies because it knows where its strengths are. So we won’t overcomplicate this review, either. Go ahead and have a fun listen.


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