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Parikrama Highlights A Good Cause With 'Translucent Night'

Aug 04, 04:43pm

This is a song for a purpose

We’re not going to waste anyone’s time telling you who Parikrama is; they’re now a classic band in the world of Indian independent music. Their influence on the music made in this country for 3 decades does not need to be measured. We’re not going to waste anyone’s time telling you how good their new rock ballad ‘Translucent Night’ is; of course it’s immaculately written, performed and produced. What we’re going to do is talk about why they’ve made the song, because that’s important.

The song is made to talk about a social issue. Said issue is the strange, murky and often problematic world of organ donation. Most of us associate the idea with black markets and spy movie villains at this point, and the unfortunate thing about it is that we end up being distracted from the fact that organs are a real need, for real people, with real steps we can take. And perhaps the strangest point of all is that we don’t even need to be alive to do it.

So yes, the solo is good. Yes, it’s a classic rock song in 6/8 time. Yes, the band have pledged themselves to be organ donors and had their entire music video for this song made up of people who have either received or agreed to donate their organs. At the end of the day, the decision to make change or not is ultimately personal. You can be inspired by Parikrama and their journey, and you can absolutely enjoy the four minutes of music they have made. And yes, you should rightly feel sympathy for the human beings who end up less lucky than you are. But, more importantly, the idea of making a song like this is to get people to do something. And that part, once you're done listening, is pretty much up to you.


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