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Shreyas And RiJ Are Up To Date On Smooth EP

Dec 22, 03:42pm

‘Kalpana’ fulfills all your modern hip-hop and R&B needs

Delhi artist Shreyas has been consistently putting out stuff over the last year and change, with a string of singles to his name. This new EP is called Kalpana, it consists of 3 tracks and features production from RiJ. It’s par for the course these days to label the kind of chill, woozy melodic trap that Soundcloud started all those years ago as relatively easy, but that isn’t exactly true. There is a very clear vibe to this sound, and if it isn’t done right, it sounds rather boring. Thankfully for this duo, they get the atmosphere right on the three songs here; there are a few factors that go into it.

Firstly and most importantly, these tracks are short and sweet. They all run well under three minutes and that’s a good thing, because the problem with this kind of sound is that it doesn’t take much for it to overstay its welcome. ‘Jaadu’ features some nice melodic vocals and a beat that is as sunny as it is approachable. ‘Jalpari’ features some more texture and the new worst-kept secret that cloud rap is using to keep things fresh – modulated guitar. It’s hilarious that an instrument whose funeral has been held more often than ever the last few years is still and making its own inimitable sound in popular music. This uses it for a love song with predictably cute results. ‘Khamoshi’ features Darsh Kasliwal (his music is killer too) and is by miles the nicest sounding tune on here. Everything comes together rather nicely; a beautiful sample, some nice drums and easygoing vocals. This is a nice listen for the first couple hours of a party for sure.

And that’s all this EP is meant to be. There’s no need to really get into all its little foibles, and perhaps that’s a mistake people make a bit too often with more popular sounds. ‘Kalpana’ has no such pretensions to it. It’s just music to vibe to. So chill out and vibe.


Listen here. 

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