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Sparsh Dangwal Leans Into Bubbly Modern Pop

Dec 08, 12:18pm

‘Déjà Vu (Remix)’, now coming to a phone ad near you

Chandigarh singer-songwriter Sparsh Dangwal seems to have entered the business of making music that ‘brightens your day’, or at the very least, that seems to be his intention on his sugary-sweet new single ‘Déjà Vu (Remix)’. Charts have been ruled by artists with similar intentions for what seems like decades now, but of late, one could argue the state of the world today has pulled more introspective (and sometimes downright bleak) music to the top of listeners’ casual listening playlists. That being said, this kind of uplifting pop has always been around and wildly popular, and hey, even the cynic in you enjoys a full-on happy bit of fare once in a while. Well, look no further.

If you like surprises, there aren’t many here. The track has the clean guitar melodies that pretty much dominate the genre today. The theme of the track is also tried and true; it’s just a song about unexpected love that you’d hear on Youtube ads every day. But these traits are exactly why the track works. It’s why any song like this works. It’s still energetic, infectiously happy and requires nothing more than a free ear to worm its way into your brain. There’s a verse from Dutch artist Ellis Newman that builds on that sweet, stuck-in-your-head feeling. There isn’t much else in the way of complexity to the song, but again, there doesn’t need to be. It’s just an incredibly catchy tune that you can play at pretty much any point of your day. And of course, the enlightened listener in you would pick out its simple pop elements, but you’ll most probably be humming along by the time you get there.


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