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Skyharbor Nominated For A Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award

Apr 12, 03:54pm

Progressive ambient metal band Skyharbor have been nominated for Global Metal Band award at Metal Hammer Golden Gods, to be held in London on June 16. 

Delhi’s progressive ambient metal band, Skyharbor, has been nominated for the Global Metal Band award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods to be held in London on June 16. The band has truly witnessed a great year added to their amazing track record; a nomination from one the most prestigious authorities of metal on the planet coupled with the band’s future appearance at the Download Festival in June this year. Now, work up your fingers for another round of voting as the online voting forum for the Metal Hammer Golden Gods opened on April 8.

Having begun work on his debut album as a bedroom project back in 2010 and sharing the music through forums, Keshav Dhar has amassed a huge chunk of the world’s attention from fans, musicians, and critics alike over the past few years; attention from names like ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman and ex-Tesseract and present-Skyharbor vocalist, Daniel Tompkins. Skyharbor have some of the best shows and amazing collaborations in music to their name, the band has become the DIY pinup of the decade. Flaunting an interesting weave of progressive metal riffs with a post rock sense of ambience and recorded in the bedroom, Skyharbor’s debut album, Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos, was released in April 2012 through Basick Records. 

Stream 'Celestial' from Skyharbor's debut album, Blinding White Noise: Illusions & Chaos, below:

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