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Teddy Boy Kill to perform at IOMMA, 2013

Apr 25, 12:35pm

On 17th April, IndieEarth announced Teddy Boy Kill as the winners of the India Showcase Slot at IOMMA 2013 (http://iomma.net/site/).  IOMMA standing for Indian Ocean Music Market...


On 17th April, IndieEarth announced Teddy Boy Kill as the winners of the India Showcase Slot at IOMMA 2013 (http://iomma.net/site/).  IOMMA standing for Indian Ocean Music Market is an annual Concert/Workshop/Market of sorts that happens in La Reunion islands off the coast of Madagascar with the aim of bringing together and creating a space for independent artists belonging to the Indian Ocean region and is scheduled to happen in the first week of June this year.

We had a talk with Samarat Bee aka AudioPerv, ½ of Teddy Boy Kill, about the duo representing the ‘indie’ of the country and their expectations from the show.

The two gigs that we have been booked for are IOMMA and Sakifo at the ReUnion Islands.

It’s a tiny island and an exotic run-away of sorts. For us it’s an opportunity to meet booking agents and concert promoters from the west and South African scene.

As TBK and Audio Pervert we have always maintained an Independent status (away from the big sharks and their plans).Indiearth and Earthsync in Chennai have been very positive about this attitude. In the past 3-4 years we have consistently created projects and events with likeminded people across India. Be it venues and or organizations or festivals we would bring the same values and ideas to the table at IOMMA and Sakifo

We mused with him about such collaborations (Indie Earth, Earthsync  and IOMMA) and TBK’s subsequent victory as being “A small step for a band but a giant leap for a scene”. Not being able to get a direct comment on that quote, he did tell us about an alliance that he has forged to battle those sharks he mentioned earlier.


As of now Teddy Boy Kill, Audio Pervert, Hashback Hashish, Lifafa, Kid Kishore and Peter Cat Recording Company have formed an organisation in conjunction with Rana Ghosh called REproduce. (http://reproduceartists.com/manifesto/)

 We are forming an alliance to support and create new opportunities for the above mentioned bands and musicians. Also we are working at setting up a music publishing and licensing shop.

This is to counter the mafia-like and corrupt institutions like IPRS and IMI. Reproduce will be an international agency representing the interests of the involved artists in India and outside 

Apart from putting together an Indie Army, the Duo is also working on making their live performances more interactive. A second album though, still might be far.

The band is diversifying. We are developing interactive visuals and projection mapping.

The idea is to involve the audience into the experience of music and visuals.

As for a new album - Not yet - We have written many new songs but producing them is going to take a while. Performing live is the primary focus for TBK as of now.

HTH ( hear them here ) :

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