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The Debut Mradul Singhal Album Releases Posthumously

May 09, 02:17pm

We will get to hear ‘Beyond:Life’ on the 13th, his birthday
 Photo Courtesy: Aditya Ranga Photography

The indie scene lost one of its rising talents last month when guitarist and songwriter Mradul Singhal tragically passed away from a road accident in Pune in March. He had completed a solo album that he was planning to release on his birthday, May the 13th. That release has happened today posthumously and allowing us to enjoy his continuing presence through his art.

The album is a collaboration between him and Brazilian bassist Samuel Chacon and consists entirely of guitar and bass. The style and sounds of the album are quite clear from its first single that was released recently, ‘Oceans And Woods’. It’s calm and serene and features an acoustic guitar accompanied by fretless bass. It being a collaboration, Samuel was given every opportunity to experiment and connect with the content; that spirit of working together shows here. The track showcases Mradul’s songwriting ability with its calm phrases and quiet power. There is an emotional quality to it that doesn’t rely on anything complex or any technical gymnastics. Its simplicity is what makes it relatable. It is sometimes difficult to appreciate music when its maker has only recently left us, but the incentive to put out this project gives us something to remember him by.

The artwork is by Oguzhan Cula. The album’s tracklist is as follows:

1. A Present from the Past
2. Leaves of Life
3. Sentience
4. Labyrinth
5. Oceans and Woods
6. Symphony of Stars



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